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MMBOX PRODUCTION is producing contents like cartoon animations and flash games, many varieties of illustrations, and also providing web production / support / consulting service.



MMBOX PRODUCTION is located in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada.

MMBOX PRODUCTION has been producing various kinds of contents for clients worldwide since 1999. Thanks to internet, projects always proceed smoothly no matter where you are. If you were outside of Canada, you could save some tax too. Please send an e-mail for a free quote or any other inquiries.

Online meeting available

For those who don't feel comfortable without seeing / knowing the face of the person you are doing business with, an online meeting would be available. Of cause your call will be always welcomed too.

Projects in progress while you sleep

For clients in Europe and Asia, we can maximize the use of time. Thanks to the time difference, you could see some good amount of progress in the next morning after you order in the night.

Ways to settle the payment

Simply you could send us a Canadian or a US check, also we are accepting the Paypal payment that also accepts the credit card payment.

About Masaru Horie

Masaru Horie, a Christian, has been a graphic designer in Tokyo since 1990. Moved to Canada in 1994 and worked as a creative director at a software localization company, 3d designer and flash game developer for an English education software developing company. Started MMBOX PRODUCTION since 1999. Currently working as an illustrator / animator / game producer / graphic designer / web designer.
Please visit his portfolio site 'Masaru's Matchbox' for more of his works. You can also buy high resolution data and some postcards of his works there.

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2000: Japan, Ynot e-card contest WINNER [Penguin's present]

2004: Japan, DoGa CG animatin contest, Nominated [Old fashioned 'I Love You']

2004: Japan, NHK Digital Studium BEST SELECTION [Old fashioned 'I Love You']

2004: Japan,TBS Digicon 6 C-TBS PRIZE [Chase is on!]

2004: England, BAF04 Best Web Animation Nominated [Chese is On!]

2005: USA, Lifeway.com 2005 Short film contest 'Faith' Category WINNER [The Power Of Prayer]

2008: Canada, iStockPhoto Vector of the week (Aug 31st) [Herodias requested John's head]

2009: Canada, iStockPhoto Vector Challenge November Winner [Bananas are mine!]

2011: Canada, BMO Vancouver Marathon, official T-shirts contest Winner


“As a book publisher, I know the importance of quality artwork in children’s books. Probably half of the success of an illustrated book lies in the illustrations. I highly recommend Masaru Horie’s work based on the illustrations we used in three of our children’s books. The style and quality were consistent and the concepts right on target. Thank you, Masaru, for an exceptionally well done job!”

Brian Banashak,
Publisher, Evergreen Press , October 16, 2012


MMBOX PRODUCTION (Masaru Horie / Akiyo Horie)

Address: 1060 Ellis Dr., Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3B 1G8

Telephone: 604-468-3163

E-mail: info@mmbox.com

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