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MMBOX PRODUCTION is producing contents like cartoon animations and flash games, many varieties of illustrations, and also providing web production / support / consulting service.


MMBOX Web Support

Useful illustrations for many purposes!

A little drawing could be a big punch!

MMBOX is drawing wide range variety taste of illustrations, which are used for magazines, chapter books, posters, brochures, newspapers, T-shirts and of cause for the web sites. Even tiny drawing would be a nice impact when you need one. Please give a try and let us know what you want.

You can enlarge the drawings as large as you like because we draw them in vector data.

Available at iStockphoto!

MMBOX original illustration and clipart are available at iStockphoto for a good price!
They are in variety tastes and all royalty free. Very easy to use for all designers. Requests for illustration are always welcome.

MMBOX illustration

Seamless wallpaper illustration

We are also good at drawing seamless illustrations, which you can repeat it endlessly. They are ideal for wall paper or borders. The one below is the one with a castle, you can repeat it in sideways. You can find more seamless ones here.

Seamless illustration

MMBOX's flexible animation production.

TV CM class animation for a reasonable price!

Our most unique production is the cartoon animation, which have won and been nominated for many awards in Japan, United States and England.

Animation is very useful not only as entertainment but also as a good tool for your presentation and of cause commercials. MMBOX has experience on both web and TV commercial production.

Another benefit of animation is that it's such a flexible tool to express what you have in your mind with visual, you can fly an airplane under the sea and transform it to a big wheal with wings and soar the sky! Extend your imagination and make it visible to your visitors!
MMBOX is also good at creating unique characters. Let us create your mascots and animate it!

MMBOX animation

Animation samples and standard production fee

Please click one of the thumbnail below to see the sample and its standard production fee.

Please contact us for a quote.

Let MMBOX entertain your visitors!

MMBOX would create games at any topic!

Flash games are very popular contents in the internet, and it's a good way to increase site's access as well.
If you need to explain about your business in easier way to understand, the flash game could be the best contents, because we can create a game on whatever the topic is!

MMBOX original games also make your web site the place people get together to have some fun, we can set up the ranking and make a Flash game event for your business campaign! Our games have been entertaining visitors at many of the internet campaigns of major companies.

MMBOX animation

Flash game samples and standard production fee

Please click one of the thumbnail below to see the sample and its standard production fee.

Please contact us for a quote.

Making your business visually impressive!

Impress your business to the people!

From your business card to your business' web site, the logo is the most impressive common element.
If the logo is impressive, people would remember your company and that would lead to a new business.
Needless to say, the importance of the logo is significant.
MMBOX has been producing logos for business, teams, products and more, helping their success.

Logo production is only a part of company identity, MMBOX can also design the business cards, brochures, posters, booklets, web sites and more in the unified style.
Please take a look at the samples below. If you like our taste, please contact us for the quote!

T-shirts design

The winner of official T-shirts contest of
BMO Vancouver Marathon 2011

Graphic design samples

Please click one of the thumbnail below to see the gallery.

Please contact us for a quote.

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