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MMBOX PRODUCTION is producing contents like cartoon animations and flash games, many varieties of illustrations, and also providing web production / support / consulting service.



What we can do for the life time

This site is for the use of Christian churches' activities, delivering many kinds of Christian relating stuff like animations, illustrations, toons and games.
In this project, we have been trying to make a useful cartoon style illustration library covering all the major events/stories in the Bible since 2006.

We have got great number of feedback about this site from all over the world, and the site is supported by these church's pastors' prayer.

This is MMBOX's life time project and will keep going as long as the Lord allows us.
MMBOX is always welcoming the request for this projects.

Fun with the Bible

Read and learn about the Bible with fun!!

This site is a tool to help you read the Bible with some fun, especially for kids. Featuring 'Verse Finder' to find verses for many situations and by key words, 'Bible data base' is a concise database to get the basic ideas of characters and events in the Bible. You can record your Bible reading record with fun on 'The Bible Reading Map'. You can play 'Bible cards' to have fun and learn about the Bible at the same time. Kids never get bored with our 3 min short devotion animation! It's not only for kids but also adults could have a lot of fun with it!

Running Smile

For your daily jogging log!

This is the web application for recording your daily jogging / running exercise.

You can design your own jog / run routes with Google Map, and save them in your own library. The training data will be stored in the data base for showing you various statistics like distance / duration bar graphs, weight history line chart, powerful search function, training data RSS feeder, shoes library and many more! You can even save the training data in CSV format for your own use of the data.

MMBOX has made a actual running club in Vancouver since 2002, naming this club same as this site 'Running Smile'.

Past projects

MMBOX PRODUCTION has been producing web contents, illustrations and providing web support for clients worldwide since 1999. We would like to show you what we have done, however these are just a limited numbers of samples we can show here.

Select the year and click on the project name to see its info.